Photography for Architects, Builders & Designers

Often, photographs are the only way the public or potential clients will be able

to view your finished projects. Photographs that capture the beauty and functionality

of your designs are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating

effective marketing materials. My images stand the test of time and will look great in

your portfolio for years to come.

I am obsessed with quality - I strive to create photographs that are visually engaging,

technically sound & exceptional in every way. The images I create you can use for years to come -  both for marketing and for impressing new clients.

Hotel, Resort & Restaurant Photography

Consumers can make decisions in a split second when viewing images of vacation

destinations. Creating photographs that capture the absolute best parts of a space to

showcase it is of the utmost importance. Whether a hotel, resort or restaurant, having

the property look its very best is crucial. Using both traditional and cutting edge

digital capture techniques, I can work to present your property just as you want it.

Real Estate Photography

If you are selling a home as either a real estate professional or homeowner, I would

be happy to work with you. Each of the photographs is completely custom and I strive

to make every location look its' absolute best.

I want your million dollar home to look like a million dollar home. I'll spend time

finding the best angles, and treating each photograph as if it were going to be published in

major magazines. Working with lighting and retouching techniques, I will bring your home to life in a way that captures its very best features.

Time Lapse Photography

The use of time lapse adds a unique & magical look to any construction project or event, It's an essential tool to document or showcase the progress of construction or unfolding of events in a way that is not possible with still photographs.